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Annabelle Moreau (b. 1976, Cape Town) is a French Italian artist. She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in fine art at the Royal Academy of Arts in London followed by a Postgraduate diploma in Modern Philosophy in Literature and Art at Goldsmith College. Moreau has been awarded the Grant for Visual Arts by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2016.

Annabelle Moreau's artistic practice spans a diverse array of mediums, including painting, sculpture, drawing, performance, and photography. She meticulously considers placement, contextualized space, and materials in her work, enabling her to delve into different aspects of her research. Moreau's work is characterized by a continuous process of development and transformation, initially drawing inspiration from Spatialism and artists like Lucio Fontana and Luciano Fabro. This evolution has led to installations that emphasize the viewer's interaction with the artwork, incorporating elements such as light, space, time, and sensory experiences. 

Her practice is concerned with the notion of space, time and perception. Large installations of monumental paintings and sculpture become the mean by which the artist explores the consumption and apprehension of space. Copper, brass, aluminium and steel are the main support for her work. The choice of material, mundane objects and their identity within the context in which they are presented plays a major role.



2023  Peso, Lisbon Art Office, Lisbon

2019  Gravidade em Suspenso, Jardim da Parada e AiR 351, Cascais

2019  Hoop, Nova SBE, Carcavelos

2018  Time Shifts , Museu Nacional de Historia Natural e da Ciencia, Lisbon

2016  Laboratoire Experimental, Museu Nacional de Historia Natural e da Ciencia, Lisbon

2011  The Observatory Project Presentation, Riflemaker Gallery, London

2008  Centrifugal, Liliane Lijn and Annabelle Moreau, Royal Academy schools gallery Hornsey, London           

2007  'Xtenduum', Project Space, London

2007  Detour, ( Solo Show) Galerie de Suede, Paris



2023  Collateral Heritage group exhibition, Lisbon

2022  Disquiete, Garagem de Lisboa, LAO, Lisbon

2014  The Scars are Not Just Skin Deep, The Cob Gallery, London

2012  Discerning Eye, Pall Mall, london

2012  Vis Loci, Griffin Gallery, london

2010  Flaming July, Leighton House, London

2009  West London Story, Bradbrooke House, London

2009  Voodoo, Riflemaker Gallery, London

2008  Concret and Glass, A Foundation, Riflemaker Gallery, London

2008  Syncopate,  Parlour, London                    

2007  Decadence Decay and the Deminonde, Home House, London

2007  Dunkelhiet, St Pancras Crypt, London                               

2006  Chimera, 148b Gallery, St John Street, London

2005  News from Nowhere: Vision of Utopia, London

2005  The Worshipful Company of Painters-Stainers, London

2004  Royal Academy Pump House Gallery, London

2004  ING Platform 100, London

2004  Graduate Show, Royal Academy Schools Show, London

2003  Premiums, Royal Academy Sackler Galleries, London



2018  Sponsorship form the Golden Bottle Trust for the AiR 351residency

2018  Sponsorship Robert and Nacy Rosenthal, Boston, exhibition Time Shifts

2018  Institut Francais Lisbonne, exhibition Time Shifts

2016  Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Grant for Visual Arts

2016  Sponsorship Jim and Cecilia Herbert, San Francisco,  exhibition Laboratoire Experimental

2016  Institut Francais Lisbonne, exhibition Laboratoire Experimental

2011  Sponsorship Jim and Cecilia Herbert, San Francisco, exhibition The Observatory

2007  Sponsorship Jim and Cecilia Herbert, San Francisco,  exhibition Chimera

2007  Institut Francais London, exhibition Chimera

2005  The Gordon Luton Award

2004  Royal Academy Alumni Medal

2004  Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac Award

1999  The Haworth Trust Award

1999  The Chadwyck-Healey Prize

1998  The Philip Connard Travel Award




2022  ARC Arquitectos, project Castelo Ventoso, Evora

2013  Commission J Herbert Private Collection, San Francisco

2009  Commission for First Republic Bank Art collection, Boston

2005  Commission for the ICOSS space, Sheffield University, Sheffield

2005  Commission for First Republic Bank Art collection, Time Warner Building, New York

2004  Saint Mary’s Hospital Paddington Art collection, London



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