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HOOP, Front view 3d Rendering,  2019

HOOP, side view 3d Rendering,  2019

HOOP, 3d Rendering movie,  2019


HOOP -  a sculpture by Annabelle Moreau proposed for the outdoor space of the university Nova SBE Carcavelos,  by the Jerónimo Martins Grand Auditorium, Portugal.


The sculpture HOOP is based on an object of everyday life, an embroidery hoop which is made out of wood.

It is an object which is mostly used by women and it serves as a tool for this purpose.

Annabelle Moreau has decided to place this tool in a different context giving it another dimension and in so doing giving it a new presence and status.


The sculpture made out of steel and stainless steel cables engages with the space that surrounds it.

A series of cables are stretched from the four-meter-diameter iron circle. The cables converge into three points allowing the vision of an extended space. The object being scaled up will allow not only the visual experience but also a whole body experience, as it will encompass its viewers into its projected vanishing points.

HOOP was presented at the conference `Leading together´,  an INSEAD Alumni and McKinsey initiative promoting gender balance in business leadership which took place in February  2019 in Nova Carcavelos.